Artemether and Lumefantrine Tablet Manufacturer and Exporter in India

Artemether and Lumefantrine Tablet Manufacturer and Exporter in India

Artemether and Lumefantrine Tablet Manufacturer and Exporter in India – Malaria is treated with artemether and lumefantrine tablets in both children and adults. Two medications are contained in it, both of which are anti-malarials, a class of medications. However, neither the prevention nor the treatment of severe or complicated malaria uses it (when the brain, lungs, or kidneys are affected). Psychiatry Care is a leading Artemether and Lumefantrine Tablet Manufacturer and Exporter in India, servicing people all over the world.


We are a well-certified company that has a vast range of neuro medicines for a variety of diseases like depression, anxiety, malaria, psychotics, asthama, inflammation, arthritis, migraine, allergic reactions and so much more. The production units of the company are well-furnished we regularly clean and sterilize the machines for effective process. Our clientele is global, and we work with partners in the USA, Europe, Oman, Qatar, Australia, New Zealand, and other nations.

Benefits of Artemether and Lumefantrine Tablet

Artemether + Lumefantrine is an anti-malarial medication that is primarily used to treat and prevent malaria. A parasite called plasmodium causes malaria, which is contracted through the bite of an Anopheles mosquito carrying the disease. The "Plasmodium parasite," which affects the red blood cells and liver cells, enters the bloodstream when an infected mosquito bites a healthy individual. Typically, 10 days to 4 weeks after the infection, malaria symptoms appear. Chills, a high fever, excessive perspiration, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, anaemia, muscle pain, convulsions, coma, and bloody faeces are a few of the symptoms.

Artemether and Lumefantrine are the two drugs that are included in it. These anti-malarial medications prevent the growth of the Plasmodium parasite in the body's red blood cells. Treatment for non-severe malaria brought on by the parasite known as "Plasmodium falciparum" and other Plasmodium species involves the use of Artemether + Lumefantrine Tablets. It stops Plasmodium falciparum from synthesising proteins and nucleic acids. Artemether is well known for lowering parasite biomass, whereas Lumefantrine gets rid of any leftover parasites.

Side Effects of Artemether and Lumefantrine Tablet

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weakness

What precautions must you take while using Artemether and Lumefantrine Tablet?

If you take any antibiotic medications or have recently received therapy with other anti-malarial medications, inform your doctor. If you have any liver or renal issues, a brain, lung, or kidney malaria infection, a severe cardiac condition, or an electrolyte imbalance, let the doctor know in your medical history.

Before beginning treatment with Artemether and Lumefantrine Tablet, it is critical to let your doctor know whether you have hypokalemia (low potassium levels) or hypomagnesemia (low magnesium levels). It could impact QT prolongation, which can seriously speed up or irregularly beat the heart. Therefore, if you have any heart-related issues such as heart failure, a slow heartbeat, QT prolongation on an electrocardiogram (ECG), or a family history of heart illness, it is important that you let your doctor know.

Before beginning treatment with Artemether and Lumefantrine Tablet, it is imperative to disclose to your doctor if you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or nursing a baby. To rule out any risk of adverse effects like sleepiness or dizziness, it is advised to avoid alcohol.

Quality Parameters Adopted at Manufacturing Units

The main aspect that makes a thing worthwhile is its quality. At Psychiatry Care, we take care to adhere to the highest standards of quality to guarantee its security, efficacy, dependability, and durability. The top suppliers in the market provide the raw extracts that we employ to make Artemether and Lumefantrine Tablet.

We release our goods onto the market following ISO and FSSAI verification. The research and development group is working to create our quality-guaranteed medications. We adhere to international quality standards that enable us to guarantee the highest possible product quality.

Connect with Psychiatry Care for Manufacturing and Export of Artemether and Lumefantrine Tablet

Psychiatry Care is a well-known pharmaceutical company in India that offers a comprehensive range of neuro and psychiatry drugs to help treat a variety of mental health disorders. We offer production and export services globally, and our products are affordably priced. We provide more than 500 products that address a broad range of medical issues. We are a one-stop shop for pharmaceutical third-party manufacturing, assisting you with marketing plans, product labelling, state-of-the-art packaging, and unique packing supplies.

  • Modern technology is included in our units, which helps with their efficient output.
  • The company's research and development team has spent years creating high-quality formulae, so they are quite skilled and experienced.
  • Our logistics team enables us to deliver the goods on time and in total security.
  • We follow global quality standards and are WHO-GMP-HACCP accredited.