Our Services

PCD Pharma Franchise
( Franchise Partnering )

By joining our PCD Pharma Franchise Business Model, we provide the best opportunity to associate with us. Our company has a large number of recognized medical brands that have passed all of the quality control tests. This company strategy offers lucrative advantages such as monopoly privilege, free marketing, flexible capital, and large returns, among others.


Third Party Manufacturing

Psychiatry Care, India's leading neuropsychiatry third-party manufacturing firm, began its journey with the goal of providing high-quality manufacturing and marketing solutions to marketing companies and pharma companies. Our Third-Party Manufacturer customers benefit from end-to-end branding, private labeling, logo and packaging artwork, development, production, testing, and logistics. Currently, Lifecare serves over 1500 satisfied businesses and manufactures over 12,000 brands under the PL/CM brand..

Our team worked diligently to manufacture a varied range of Neuropsychiatry medicine formulations in accordance with WHO-GMP guidelines and regulations, driven by values of transparency and dedication. Here are a few details about our contract manufacturing services:

  • All Neuro and Psychiatry goods are made in a state-of-the-art production facility that uses latest technology from well-known brands such as GLATT, WATERS, BOSCH, and others.
  • We provide operational services such as on-time delivery, private labeling product sales, and marketing of the product, among other things..
  • An excellent opportunity to expand your product portfolio list with complete quality assurance and affordability. 

Hospital / Institution supply

We are currently supplying our medicines and services to top Medical institutions and companies through our franchise, distribution, and third-party manufacturing services. Please feel free to contact us to collaborate.

Third Party Manufacturing Process

Raw Materials

Only quality ingredients are used by Lifecare Psychiatry Care to provide the best health and wellness supplements. Our vendor qualification criteria and procurement standards are the most severe in the business.

Designing and Branding

We offer one-of-a-kind design services to assist you in realizing your company's vision. Custom logo design and artwork for packaging are our specialties. Aside from that, we handle our clients' branding requirements. After much investigation and consideration, our team develops world-class formulas.


To ensure the greatest quality, Lifecare Psychiatry Care manufactures all of its products according to WHO-GMP, HACCP, and FSSAI requirements.

Lab Testing

For quality and safety assurance, regular checks and lab testing are required. Everything is tested in our state-of-the-art manufacturing labs utilizing the most up-to-date equipment and technology, from raw materials to finished products.


We work with all of the major and reputable logistics firms to safely transport your stock to the specified destinations.