Corporate Profile

About Lifecare Psychiatry Care

Lifecare Psychiatry Care is the division of Lifecare Neuro Products Limited which is focusing on the third-party manufacturing of neuropsychiatry medicines in India. We hope to improve people's strength to deal with neurological problems by developing precise and innovative formulations for neuropsychiatry care.

Everyday life in the 21st century has become increasingly stressful. Furthermore, mental health care is ignored. In such dire circumstances, Lifecare Psychiatry Care is rising to the occasion and encouraging people to speak out about stigmatized mental health disorders. We are also proud to be India's leading neuropsychiatry pharmaceutical company, continually aiming to make high-quality psychiatry therapy accessible to all at affordable prices. Our team of F&D scientists and researchers creates advanced drug formulations to ensure the best possible results at all times. GLATT and WATERS high-quality automated gear enables uniformly efficient formulations and accurate testing.

About Lifecare Neuro Products Limited 

Lifecare Neuro Products Limited is a well-known Indian pharmaceutical company that specializes in contract manufacturing, third-party manufacture, marketing, and export of high-quality neuropsychiatry medications and formulations. The company, which is based in Asia's largest pharma hub, located in excise duty-free zone Baddi (HP) India, offers a wide range of high-quality pharmaceutical products and is well-known for its critical care brands. It operates a WHO-GMP-compliant production facility with advanced equipment and significant in-house quality testing abilities.

Shri Yogendra Somdutt Chopra, with more than 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, founded Lifecare in 1994 with the goal of producing high-quality medicinal formulations and making them available to people all over the world. The company is rapidly growing, with cooperation taking place all over the world. The company presently has affiliations with major healthcare institutions in India, with over 2000 B2B customers and 700+ registered brands. Through distributors and franchise partners, Lifecare manufactures and markets its own line of pharmaceutical and over-the-counter (OTC) brands. Contract manufacturing, private labeling, and third-party manufacturing are also areas of expertise for the company.

  • Mr Yogendra Chopra ( Managing Director ) - With more than 40+ years of experience in the industry, he has worked with brands including Cipla, Dabur and Helios.
  • Mr Madhav Chopra ( Director - Business Development ) - B.Pharma . MBA from UBS , Chandigarh . His work experience includes Nestle India. He specialises and heads the Sales and Marketing for the company.
  • Mr Karan Chopra ( Director - Operations ) - B.Pharma from Panjab University and MBA from Sydenham , Mumbai. He is an manufacturing and operations expert.


Our mission is to produce high-quality and innovative Neuropsychiatry medicines and make them accessible across the world.


Our Vision is to bring together medical science and compassionate care to improve healthcare and people's mental lives.


  • To keep quality we follow national and international standards.
  • To constantly upgrade technology and medical science for quality output . 
  • To Associate with ethical standards and follow proper guidelines and practices.