Lifecare Quality Systems

Lifecare Psychiatry Care products are made with the utmost attention to ensure quality. All neuropsychiatric products are made in accordance with criteria of international quality standards, including legal certification and other related codes like Good Laboratory Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice. Production and control procedures are detailed in writing and adhere to GPL/FSSAI guidelines. To make the best psychiatry care drugs, only the best machines are used. Our LQS QA system ensures the highest level of procurement quality. Only after thorough testing in both our in-house and external labs is a product shipped. Each production batch manufactured is certified by the QA and QC teams to be in compliance with the marketing standards. The machine includes a Non-Fill Detection (NFD) System, which allows it to reject defective strips automatically.

Quality Policy

We are dedicated to the development, manufacture, and distribution of internationally recognized dosage forms that meet the most stringent regulatory requirements. Quality assurance(QA) and quality control processes(QC), ensure that products meet regulatory criteria and licencing specifications. Where products are exported, the company also complies with current national and international regulatory requirements.


Lifecare Psychiatry Care, a division of Lifecare Neuro Products Limited, was founded in 1994 and has a manufacturing plant in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, India, which is Asia's largest pharma hub. It is a WHO-cGMP compliant/certified export-oriented production plant featuring advanced equipment and machinery from leading companies such as GLATT, ACG-PAMPAC, BOSCH, CADMACH, WATERS, and others. Lifecare Psychiatry Care manufactures on a contract/third-party basis in addition to creating its own portfolio of over 700 registered drug formulas. The unit is upgraded on a regular basis with new and advanced technology in order to consistently produce exceptional quality.


Lifecare, a well-known neuro and psychiatry pharmaceutical manufacturer, has in-house R&D / F&D facilities with a staff of highly experienced scientists and professionals working on innovative drug formulations, stability testing, and data generation, among other things. For the accurate analysis and testing of new formulations, the world-class laboratories dedicated to formulation development are equipped with Swiss and German machinery such as rapid mix grinders, fluid bed dryers, compression machines, and various instruments such as HPLC, UV Visible spectrophotometers, and FTIR, dissolution, and disintegration test apparatus. Stability chambers are also available in the laboratories for testing and assessing completed formulas.

The objective of the Psychiatry Care R&D project is to keep up with the rapid development of novel neuro- and psychiatry drug formulations for existing medicines. The company is actively involved in clinical studies and the creation of enhanced and unique formulations to cater to the psychiatry market, having partnered with numerous recognised institutions such as NIPER Mohali and Pharmaexcel.